Savage Squad

The Stack

list may update

The STack

Here is the current list of supplements taken by the Savage Squad crew along with effects both positive & potentially negative.

Tongkat Ali


Use: Natural herb that raises testosterone levels, increases energy.

Negatives: Bitches running in fear from your hours long hard on.

Where to buy: Vitamin Shoppe




Use: Natural herbs, highest rated weight loss supplement at GNC

Negatives: None.

Where to buy: GNC



Use: Peptide for collagan, repairs tissues. Creates the “Wolverine Effect”

Negatives: Hypotheticaly (not proven) could help grow cancers if you have one, since this repairs & grows all healthy tissues, but not tested.

Where to buy: SuperSmart



Use: Increases the length of telomeres which are directly related to effects of aging on the cellular level.

Negatives: Could affect cancer growths, not studied.

Where to buy: SuperSmart

Pure Encapsulations Athletic Pure Pack


Use: Provides required nutritional vitamins. 

Negatives: None.

Where to buy: Amazon

workout stack (workout days only)
  • Insane Labs Psychotic Preworkout
  • Isoflex Isolate Whey Protein
  • Beyond Raw Chemistry Labs Creatine HC1

Where to buy: Wholesale Nutrition Houston